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In the Tao News platform, all the money-making projects in it are free, and no membership fees or deposits will be charged. And in this platform, you only need to watch the news seriously. Generally speaking, you will get dozens of gold coins rewards when you read the news in it, and these gold coins can be directly exchanged for cash. 10,000 gold coins = 1 yuan, when your gold coins reach a certain amount, you can apply for cash withdrawal. The withdrawal speed here is also very fast, generally after you apply for the withdrawal, the money will be credited within 24 hours.

Not long ago, because I couldn't contact me on QQ, the staff with earning network contacted me shortly and said that they were sending me New Year gifts. Considering the slight inconvenience, I thanked them for their kindness, and they also It's really interesting. I said that I was rewarded with gold coins directly on my website account. I couldn't help but like their website."

But then again, everything will change over time. It's like this kind of advertising project that makes money cannot always exist. This is the same reason, but besides the high cost, you think it is If these are out, then you are wrong. Behind the seemingly making money, it may also be suspected of illegal financing. These are all bad, so when Juxiangyou has money, it will be cancelled and no longer exists. Therefore, there are almost no websites where people can make money from watching advertisements, almost none, and this is the situation now. But there are other methods. If you want to make money online, I have some methods for everyone. Here I suggest you go to the [Game Trial] area to try it out. This is still very good. In fact, it is through free game play. Doing tasks to make money is such an operation. It may seem that you are a little more complicated than watching ads to make money. Some people may not only find it complicated, it may be a bit difficult, but this project is for people who love to play games. After all, everyone is People who like to play games, and most of their time is spent playing games, but where is it? Why don't we play these games that can earn RMB? How about adding extra income?

Jujuwan’s system of inviting friends is a bit special, you have to go to the member center to receive invitation rewards! On the left side of the member center, at the bottom, there is a [friend income]:

In the Internet age, the main activities in the industry chain do not necessarily have to stay within the company. Take the software industry as an example. The ecosystem formed by programmers, embedded systems, software development tools and APIs, plug-ins, etc. not only creates added value but also enhances the "stickiness" of products. Similarly, other industries also need to consider upstream suppliers as well as downstream suppliers and consumers, and pay attention to how each link in the industrial chain integrates into the new platform. A successful e-retail market can provide logistics, marketing or payment services for digital businesses. Both Google and Apple support the developer community to continuously improve the quantity and quality of apps on their platforms. The travel portal brings together airlines, hotels, car rental companies and insurance companies in the industry chain, and users can easily develop complete itineraries.

And I found that the longer I use this, the number of times I pick up the phone gradually decreases. It can be seen that self-discipline can be gradually cultivated.

In the past few days, there is another exciting news in the online earning industry! That is the 7u sharing network is online! This touches everyone's nerves, why is it exciting? Because it is pre-registration, you can send 1 yuan for registration and you can directly withdraw WeChat! ! This indicates that there will be one more giant on the site that makes money from playing games!

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