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3. In fact, this is also very easy to do. Just like natural writing and writing an argumentative essay, page writing can also be divided into arguments, arguments and final summary questions. At the beginning of the article, you need to name the argument, that is, naturally include keywords. The next argument part appears two or three times, keywords appear again at the end of the topic, the game anti-blocking technology, and the visible text optimization of a page is completed. The content of the writing page allows you to purchase variations of keywords, including synonyms, synonyms, and different names for the same thing.

I also hope that these e-commerce companies can reflect on it. Double Eleven should be a holiday for every consumer, not a holiday for businesses to make money. If some changes are not made, then everyone’s enthusiasm for Double Eleven will be worn away sooner or later. Finish.

Suppose there are 1,000 people on an island, isolated from the rest of the world, and people exchange items for a living, but sometimes the things you exchange in your hands are not necessarily what the other party wants, what should you do? So people use all their favorite gold and silver as exchange things, so the exchange is convenient. But gold and silver have to wear and it is inconvenient to carry. When the exchange activities are frequent, I found that this thing is too cumbersome and restricts the exchange activities, so in order to solve this problem, I thought of a way to issue a symbol by the island manager , Used it to replace gold and silver, so banknotes appeared.

6. In cosmetics shops, people have a large demand for daily chemical products in daily life, and some skin care products and detergents are indispensable in people’s lives. The improvement of living standards is not only to satisfy material needs. It also focuses more on spiritual needs. Therefore, cosmetics, a product favored by many women, is naturally popular in the rural market.

And this method is bound to become a trend, you may have missed the previous micro-business boom, but now this Internet money-making boom, you must give it a try! After all, these money-making software do not cost a penny, and do not require any threshold and technology. Everyone can do it and everyone can make money!

Seeing Zhang Qian panicked, the "staff" immediately said that a WeChat transfer of 600 yuan can help quickly pick up the ticket, and then the network will refund her and return her at that time. Zhang Qian, who had no money in WeChat, immediately asked her family to transfer the money. During this period, one person led her away and asked her to wait outside a building in the distance, while the other took her ID to collect the ticket. Soon, the other party returned her train ticket and ID card. When she waited for the bus in the waiting hall, Zhang Qian calmed down and realized she had been cheated. She said that, in retrospect, these people were multi-person cooperation, some took the initiative to serve, and some after-sales processing. They were all wearing work clothes and dangling outside the ticket gate. Why do inspectors turn a blind eye to them?

Successful entrepreneurs recognize one thing, do it right away, and even give up many important things, such as dropping out of college, Microsoft's Bill Gates, Yahoo's Yang Zhiyuan. For entrepreneurs, opportunities are very important, especially in emerging industries. Once they miss an opportunity, there will be no more opportunities. If Bill Gates is indecisive and has to get a diploma before starting a business, there will be no Microsoft today. empire. Entrepreneurs are decisive people. People who are procrastinated and indecisive are difficult to succeed. They will easily pass the opportunity. Do it when you think of it. The faster you can turn your ideas into actions, the more likely it is to succeed in your business.

3. In terms of purchase: Because the update cycle of fast fashion department stores is relatively short, so the first purchase can be selected selectively. "More samples and less" is a good choice, and it will not cost too much, but also pay attention to the product requirements Spread all the shelves to avoid the short-term shortage of goods in the store. The quality of the goods must also be guaranteed, which plays a vital role in the profitability of the store and the passenger flow.

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