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Kai-Fu Lee: We are optimistic about the next three years. Although we will see many scarred companies, VCs and entrepreneurs in the future, a better entrepreneurial era has begun. Artificial intelligence has become the biggest best stocks to make money fast 2018entrepreneurial opportunity. First of all, more and more places have entrepreneurial data. The second reason is that the cost of computing is reduced. The third reason is that machine learning algorithms are becoming more and more successful, especially deep learning. "

With the number of WeChat users breaking through the 1 billion mark, WeChat business and micro marketing have blossomed everywhere. Perhaps at this moment, you are using WeChat mass mailing assistant to post advertisements. However, practice tells us that this has no effect, but will be affected by others. Report.

Today, I will write about some channels of online earning, I hope it will be useful to everyone! In the next article, you will learn two aspects: 1. How to use the Internet to make online earning (this article mainly explains the scope of cross-border e-commerce); 2. If you do not make online earning, then through this article You will find a lot of useful resources and channels

Everyone knows about celebrities and live broadcasts. Its revenue comes from fans and commercial advertisements. This depends on your influence. Like the income of first-line celebrities, making 100 million a year is not a problem. For them, it is still There is a live broadcast industry, and the income is not low. They sing and sing to fans every day with a mobile phone or a computer, and chat with them interactively. It is very easy to say that the income of a day’s talk is over 10,000. Face value can also be a live broadcast to make money, this is not like being a star, the threshold is so high, live broadcast is everyone can do.

Let me talk about Baidu's reward mechanism first: the average author can get a reward of 3 yuan for every 1,000 effective page views, and a reward of 10 yuan for every excellent original article. Write 20 original articles every month, reward 15 yuan, 50 reward 50 yuan, 100 yuan reward 100 yuan. And now it’s easy to join the signing author. It should be 12:30 every day, and there are enough places. As long as you have a Baidu account, you can apply for it in the Baidu Experience Rebate Program page. There are 100 places per day, no need to grab , You can apply when the time is right.

It can only be said that there is a gap between imagination and reality, such as my ideal university life and real university life. For another example, before going to university, I thought about learning to build a website from a gold rush station, and after I went to university, I built a website for nearly a year but achieved very little. However, at least, you can get closer to the ideal after experiencing it. At least, I already know about whabest stocks to make money fast 2018t I should do in the university, at least, I already know that I have the Xiaoxiwangzhuan platform, although the profit is very low, but it is also on the road that should be taken.

When I was a student, I heard about making money online, probably because I knew that someone could do it on the computer at home, and then the money would go to the bank account. I was envious and admired, but at the time I didn't understand the Internet at all. I felt that it was too far away from me, just like I admired a certain international star, it was just infinite admiration, like fantasy.

Summary: What do you do to make money online? Just as Sohu, which I recommend to everyone, makes money by watching the news, this should be the easiest and most economical way to make money. Of course, whether you are willing to do this depends on whether you are willing to pay tens of dollars for politics every day. There is no gain if you don't pay, and so is making money. If you don’t work or do, how can you talk about making money? How can you make money so easily? In addition, Sohu's news revenue is still the hottest and best way to make money in 2019. Why don't you try it?

Some will ask you to pay the insurance levy or deposit before you do it. Normally, it is hundreds, or even thousands. Those are deceptive. It may disappear after you pay, or it may continue to be called step by step. You pay all kinds of expenses to say that there is a task for you. The formal online Taobao brushing diamond part-time platform will not pay deposits, insurance levies, etc., but you have to pay a certain entrance fee. The entrance fee is normally more than 99 yuan and less than 400, and you need to pay thousands or more. Be careful, it must be a lie!

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