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For those poor households in the village who are able to raise them, Pan Zhongjie signed a "three free" agreement with them to send piglets, technology, and sales channels. Uncle Zhou, 56, lost his son five years ago, and his daughter-in-law also left. He and his wife planted three or four acres of land and pulled their 9-year-old granddaughter. The family of three had a hard life. When Pan Zhongjie signed the agreement with him, Uncle Zhou was still not convinced about the free delivery of piglets, making a profit on the Internet, and underwriting sales. He bluntly said: "Where is such a good thing?" Until Pan Zhongjie sent the piglets, he taught him by hand. Uncle Zhou's hanging heart only let go of how he raised it. Last year, Pan Zhongjie gave Uncle Zhou's family 2 piglets, 4 piglets each time. After deducting the cost, Uncle Zhou earned more than 7,000 yuan a year. When chatting with neighbors now, Uncle Zhou always keeps saying: "This small village official is good."

Make money by doing investment and financial management: Now you can play stocks and futures, and digital currencies while sitting at home. These are all profitable. Digital currencies have developed rapidly in the past two years. If the experience and skills are good, making money is not a problem. Network pos machine, in my experience, there is an article about digital currency, you can learn from it.

1. Cash, which is directly given to you in US dollars. It's not disgusting gold coins, ingots, beans...

Every time I want to watch a high-definition movie or high-definition TV series, I may not be able to find it after searching for a long time on the Internet, or if I find it, I need such and other restrictions. Anyway, it is all kinds of troubles. I accidentally found a way to go over the wall. The method of downloading high-definition movies from the Internet, although it is slower, but you can get a movie or TV series of about 10G in two days, I wonder if I can share these movies with everyone, by the way, I can make a little money, one RMB 1 That's it, it's hard work!

Trick: under the banner of "innovation", claiming high returns, as one of the most eye-catching assets in 2016, Bitcoin's annual growth rate was as high as 177%, which is more overbearing than the increase in housing prices. The myth of frantic wealth creation has stimulated more and more people to flood into the world of virtual currency, and various MLM coins that fished in troubled waters have also caught the ride.

The work of entering the state is of course a good thing, but today's article is also a warning to everyone! Being obsessed with work has its downsides, sometimes even scary.

I have carefully selected some reputable online survey part-time websites, if you are interested, you can join and have a look! Of course, it is impossible to make a lot of money. It is good to be a part-time job. If you spend more than one hour of fragmentary time every day, you can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars a month. Why not do it.

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